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Ellaeas’ is an enchanted misty isle located to the north of the main continent of Thalland. It is a rocky, forested and mountainous isle slightly bigger than Britain. It features tall, windswept grassy hills and thick green forests, bisected by the Timberidge Mountain Range, with rocky beaches and sandy marshes.

This is a land where the Feywild meets with the Prime Material Plane directly, often blurring in various places where magic contorts the very fabric of reality itself to suit the local Feylords’ wishes.

Dwarves are the most powerful faction, generally speaking, in the realm, with four major clans inheriting the kingdom of the Dragon Tyrant Bythranax. Elves control most of the forests and plains of the isle. Halflings make a robust trade among the races Humans, while they had always been a small part of the isle, now have a powerful faction in the form of the Patrian province of Andelaes’, occupying the southern peninsula. In the ten years since the death of the dragon by the hands of the Patrian general Meridious Rex, the humans struggle to maintain their heritage in the face of the barbarian culture, with little to no help from their dying empire.

Interspersed among these factions are the gnomes, dragonborn, half-elves, and tieflings, displaced and scattered in various ways.

The primary religion of the isle is based on the Celtic Pantheon, while the Patrians try to maintain their faith in the Patrian (Roman) Pantheon, but there has been a blurring of the two the more the two cultures interact, much to the consternation of the Feylords, who seek to control Ellaeas for their own strange designs.

This is a land of dragons, leprechauns, and fairies. Goblins harry the plains, and Giants prowl the Highlands. Owlbears lurk in the woods near the foothills, and the banshidhe wail in the night near the burial mounds. It is a land full of mysteries to confound the mind, treasures to delight the heart, and dangers to chill the soul.

Main Page

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