Welcome to Ellaeas’, a land of Dwarves, Elves and Fey creatures. Once dominated by an evil dragon, the coming of the Patrian Empire’s Twenty Legions, put an end to the dragon’s tyranny and has plunged the isle into turmoil.

This setting is inspired from the Roman experience in Britain, and evokes a lot of the mysticism of the period. Unlike most D&D settings, Humans here are a minority, with Dwarves, Elves, and other races outnumbering them considerably. However, the little Patrian province here is flourishing while the rest of the Empire is dying from internal wars, Orc onslaughts, and corruptions within.

We are utilizing the D&D 5th Edition system for this setting, and all races and classes are available, though there are some minor issues with certain races and classes. For instance, there are three main variants of Dragonborn, which are the Green, White, and Red varieties, and any character playing another kind of Dragonborn is essentially an outsider to Ellaeas. Currently, we will not be utilizing the optional Feat system. Paladins are the rarest of classes, and I will only allow up to two per group. More information will be found in the Character Creation post.